Blackjack (Compact Wide-Body .300 Suppressor)

Blackjack (Compact Wide-Body .300 Suppressor)

Caliber: Up to .300
Length: 4 inches
OAL Added Length: 3.4 inches
Width: 1.625 inches
Weight: 13.75 ounces
Finish: Tactical black cerakote, flat dark earth cerakote, stainless steel, custom designs
Threading: 1/2-28 or 5/8-24
Material: 416 stainless steel
Rating: Up to full auto

*Custom serial numbers available upon request

Every once in a while, you've got to bring out the big guns.

But that doesn't mean you want your big gun to necessarily sound like a big gun.

Enter the Blackjack.

It ain't real big, it ain't fancy, but it hits hard and it leaves a mark. Or, in this case, it quiets your .300 caliber variant down real nice.

The Blackjack is machined, like all of our conventional suppressors, from 416 stainless steel. Measuring out at 4 inches overall, it adds 3.4 inches to the end of your barrel and clocks in at a weighty 1.625 inches in diameter.

Best of all, it's configured for the .30 caliber range of rifles. .300 Savage, .300 WM, .30-.30, .300 Blackout - you name it. If it's .300 caliber The Blackjack was made for it. While it won't make these robust cartridges whisper-quiet (nothing will) the Blackjack will take the edge off of them and bring them down to manageable levels.

Available in Arion's standard tactical black and flat dark earth cerakoting as well as stainless steel finish, the Blackjack stands ready for you to order.

Oh, custom cerakoting? But of course, this is Arion. We offer custom cerakoting on the Blackjack just like we do on all our suppressors. Toxic zombie green? Barber pole? Or maybe just a subtle basketweave pattern like the blackjack your granddaddy used to carry. Contact us and see what's possible.

When you want your .300 caliber rifle to be a fair bit quieter, slap a Blackjack on it. It'll put your .300 in it's place.

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* Hearing protection is always a good idea. Not wearing it is up to the individual user, the environment they're shooting in as well as the type of ammo. Arion LLC. assumes no liability for any resulting damages if you choose not to wear hearing protection when utilizing our products.