Compact Suppression Systems

The Arion Compact Ported Suppressor

Born from the desire to make industry-leading compact suppressors, Arion offers both unique, patent-pending designs and equally awesome traditional suppression systems.

From our Compact Ported Suppressor to more traditional designs such as the Mr. Bourbon (compact slim-body .223), The Nelson (compact wide-body .223) and Blackjack (compact wide-body .300) and the 16 inch ISAR suppressed upper, you might recognize a trend: Compact.

We focus on producing unique, compact suppressors for the discerning individual. We don't do something because "that's how it's always been done." We investigate the process and strive for extraordinary methods that improve not only the end product but how it is made as well.

In the end our goal is simple: provide the user with a superior product, expertly designed and manufactured, and back that up with the highest quality customer service.

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