16-ISAR (Integrally Suppressed AR) Upper

16-ISAR (Integrally Suppressed AR) Upper

Caliber: .223/.556 and .300 BLK
Length: 16 inch barrel length 
Features: titanium integral suppression system, bolt carrier group and charging handle included, mil-spec receiver with forward assist, completely user serviceable
Weight: 4.5 lbs. (upper only)
Finish: Titanium, graphite black, custom designs
Material: Steel, titanium, aluminum and polymer
Rating: Up to full auto

*Custom serial numbers available upon request

It's not your first rodeo. You've had suppressors before, dug them, and are looking for something... more. And less.

Or maybe it is your first time buying a suppressor and you don't want to scrimp. You want the finest integrally-suppressed AR upper on the market.

Introducing the Arion 16-ISAR (16-inch Integrally Suppressed AR) Upper. Available with titanium, polymer or cerakoted handguards, the 16-ISAR Upper is designed to do one thing - keep your .223/.556 or .300 Blackout quieter than it's ever been before without extending the length of your rifle.

Okay, that's two things.

Truth be told, there's a whole lot more that an integrally suppress upper is able to do for the end-user as opposed to a removable suppressor. For example, our 100% American-made 16-ISAR Upper is able to:

  • Improve accuracy compared to removable suppressors
  • Provide a lighter, more balanced shooting platform for your needs
  • Negate the need for different optics once a suppressor is attached
  • Allow your rifle to be lighter, stronger, handle and maneuver better
  • Reduce heat buildup more efficiently as a result of superior heat dissipation

Quick Q&A:
Is the 16-ISAR just a SBR with a pinned suppressor?
Of course not. That's a fine way to do it, but it's not how we make this one. The barrel is a full-length 16.1 inch barrel with the suppressor built around the barrel. No pinning involved, no short-barrel rifle restrictions, no extra tax stamp (other than the one required for the suppressor).

Can it be cleaned?
Sure. The entire suppressor system is able to be disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled for those who wish to do those things. And if you'd rather just let the next round blast out the carbon - you're welcome to do that as well.

Is the bolt carrier group included?
Come on, who do you think we are? Bolt carrier group is included, charging handle is included, as well as the handguard. It's good to go, ready to be assembled to your favorite AR lower.

Can I get it in pink? Or with an American Flag on it? Or maybe tiger-stripe camouflage?
We like the way you think. Just like all our other suppressed products, custom cerakoting is available for our 16-ISAR.

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* Hearing protection is always a good idea. Not wearing it is up to the individual user, the environment they're shooting in as well as the type of ammo. Arion LLC. assumes no liability for any resulting damages if you choose not to wear hearing protection when utilizing our products.