Q:        What calibers are available?
 A:        You can shoot any pistol caliber from 22 to .45acp.
Q:        What thread pitch do I need on my barrel?
 A:        We offer stock pistons in  1/2x28 and .578x28.  Let us know if you need a different one.
Q:        Can you shoot it wet?
 A:        Yes you can!  Just dunk it in water or spray in dB foam.

Q:        Can you do custom engraving?
A:        Yes.     Send us a drawing and we’ll give you a quote.
Q:        Will there be an adaptor available for the Ruger Mk series pistol?
 A:        Yes.  Yes there will.  Soon.  We promise.  
 Q:        How does the CPS index properly? Why doesn’t it just spin?
 A:        The silencer piston threads onto the barrel and is clamped in place by the quick disconnect collar.
Q:        Can I get a muzzle brake that uses your QD system?
 A:        Yes.   Its in the works.  Stay tuned to this station for more info
 Q:        Can I get any color I want annodized?
 A:        Yes you can, after we finish this limited run of Black Nickel.