​Compact Ported Suppressor​

Thinking Outside the Box

Minimum Size, Maximum Effect

​Smallest in its Class

Increased Accuracy

Booster Piston

Only 3.5" long because of the unique, Patent Pending baffle and port design.  As the gases expand down and out the port they pass through baffles that further reduce the sound signature.  Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum.
The short extension allows the suppressor to act like a muzzle brake as the gases are released through the port.  Added bonus: the likelihood of baffle strikes is greatly reduced.  
The built in Nielsen Device insures that all pistols will cycle reliably, every time.  No other suppressor this size can offer such an advantage.

Black Nickel Coating


Custom Engraving

We are currently building a special run of 100 Black Nickel plated units.  It will be special order only after that, and a full array of colors will be offered.  Contact us for options.  
The box design  allows for a much simpler holstering than standard cans.  A holster designed an manufacutred by Blade-Tech will be available soon.  
The surface of this model is a veritable canvas!  We welcome your artwork, as well as submissions from engravers and other artists.  
  1. Scorpion CPS
    Scorpion CPS
  2. Beretta 92 CPS
    Beretta 92 CPS
  3. Glock 19 Sights CPS
    Glock 19 Sights CPS
  4. Glock 19 CPS
    Glock 19 CPS
Integrally Suppressed  AR 15
Available in .556 and 300 BLK
AR 10 version in .308  soon!

Next Level ​Evolution

Full 16" Barrel

Complete upper with BCG

Lightweight and Compact

NOT a short barrel with pinned suppressor.  This is a true 16" barrel with a patented baffle system.  All the benefits of long barrel but a whole lot quieter.  
Titanium Suppressor Parts on Barrel
Mil Spec Upper Receiver w/ Fwd Assist
Nickel Boron Treated BCG

At 4.4lbs for the entire upper, this platform provides unmatched performance in a small package.  

Increased Accuracy

User servicable

​Singular Style

All the benefits of a long barrel without the length.  
No shift in POI
Reduced recoil means faster follow up shots
The titanium baffle stack can easily be removed from the Ti cylinder for servicing.  This design offers unparalleled cooling.   
Hi Temp Graphite Black with exposed Ti rings.  Form and function all in one.  Why not have it all?