Compact Suppression Systems

Sub Guns and 
Reduced Recoil

Compact 3.5" design
Low profile for using stock sights

Arion Compact Ported Suppressor

Patent pending redirecting baffles and front gas port give advantages in size and handling.  

​3.5" Length makes it easy to holster.  Shorter than any other large caliber pistol suppressor on the market

​Recoil Reduction thorugh front gas porting and  redirecting baffle technology

Clamshells made from 6061 T6 Aluminum

Built in booster piston allows all pistols to cycle properly  

​Stock sights can still be used because of the low profile flat top

Black Nickel coating is extremely durable and makes for easy cleaning

Quick Disconnect barrel attachment indexes the silencer perfectly every time

AR 15 Uppers

​Integrally Suppressed AR15 Upper

Full 16" barrel with Titanium suppression system. Lightweight 4.4 lbs.  Completely user servicable

TRUE Integrally Suppressed systems - NOT short barrels with  pinned suppressors.
Available in .556 and 300BLK.  Complete upper with charging handle and Nickel Boron BCG.

16" barrel can be changed without serial number change.